“Time is relative; its only worth depends upon what we do as it is passing”.

Albert Einstein

Charming, elegant, adventurous, dynamic, independent but at the same time so fragile, sweet and feminine: the sixth collection of “The C Edition” wants to stop time, the way it happens in those euphoric moments when you lose its sense. It wants to make you remember that time is relative and it flows subjectively for each of us. It wants you to take care of yourself and everything that makes you happy. It’s called “Chronos” and comes to carry you away with 18 new bodies, so different and so unique, that you’ll want to wear them, celebrate and stop counting minutes and hours, “freezing” your present. Celebrate your uniqueness, highlight your feminine nature and stand out as alluring and timelessly elegant.

Black sequins, tulle, transparencies, velvet, and feathers, bear the promise of seducing nights and very interesting days. The ruffles on the “Michelle” body give intensity. The black and white tones of the “Stephanie” and the “Billy” bodysuits draw attention. The silk “Veronica” bodysuit reveals unknown aspects, while the dotted mesh on the “Julia” body plays with your imagination and the black tulle of the “Kimberly” body composes a mysterious image that seduces, making time stop. The golden color bears the magic, sprinkling stardust with the “Calypso” body or electrifying and awakening the senses with the imposing “Carolina” body. “Sonia” dresses the winter up in velvet, while you feel calm and comfortable with the cotton “Chavala” body, just like when you catch the first light of day. The “Chronos” collection reminds you of how unique it is to be a woman and wishes to dress even just one of these magical moments in your special life. Don’t be scared of time when you can fill it with moments that make you happy; “freeze” it and enjoy it! Life is beautiful… Just like you.

Welcome to the Circle

Christina Katsaouni @katschristina 

Photo: Ioanna Chatziandreou| Hair/MakeUp: Panagiotis Karakasis| Model: Marta Litynska and Carolina Xavier/ Ace Models

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