All the bodysuits are designed by Christina Katsaouni and are handmade by a small team in Athens, Greece. The fabrics are hand picked from local vendors and the majority of bodysuits are made by recyclable cotton.

Christina is highly selective when it comes to the production process. She believes in good quality and timeless pieces – that we all need to have in our wardrobe – and to create her own line signed by her name the excellence in quality was unquestionable.  And as Christina claims, “excellence usually comes from a small team work and not mass produced clothing”. Christina was introduced to her pattern and body maker in 2017 and together they work all these years agreeing that the quality is more important than the quantity and each season they create small collections of bodysuits.

Patterns of the “Crush” collection

The production of the “Chronos” collection

The “Chloe” bodysuit from the “Chronos” collection

The bodies are created by a woman for women and this is not only a statement but the exact method Christina chooses to make her bodysuits. Prior to releasing a new collection they are all fitted in herself providing feedback and improvements for each design elasticity, sizing, fitting, material quality as Christina’s purpose is to make pieces that flatter the female figure without sacrificing comfort. “I can spend hours of alterations in order to have the result I want; and what I want is to feel confident about myself”, she claims. A few would argue that there is anything sexier than a confident woman and this is what drives the brand.
Each piece of this great variety is unique and highlights a different part of the upper body or the current mood. Slim or loose, shiny or mat, extraordinary or casual. The bodies were inspired and named by women who support Christina’s cause, each in her own special way, helping to jump-start the project. This is the Circle!
The packaging:
All of our packaging is created in Thessaloniki Greece with 80% recycled paper, by Christinas’ family printing company ‘Katsaounis Bros SA’  The smart design allows reuse as pen holders, candy keepers or just as home or office decoration and we love when they send us pictures showing how creatively they used the ‘The C Edition’ box.
The ‘The C Edition’ bodysuits are designed for confident, intelligent, beautiful, fierce women like you!
Welcome to the Circle.
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