The C Edition 

Fashion is one of the few concepts that inspire women to be confident through wearable art, and the ‘The C Edition’ was created to bring together fashion with the joy of life as a woman. We are the Community, we are the Circle that brings together important women and selected garments. The ‘The C Edition’ collections of bodysuits symbolise women’s power from within, passing the baton to each new member joining us, inspiring confidence through their immaculate design and fit. ‘The C Edition’ aspires to unify women under the bold “together we can achieve it all” attitude, where the experiences of life are shared with a common passion for fashion. Choose your bodysuit style; wear it with self-confidence knowing you are a member of our circle, The C Edition; together we can achieve it all.


Welcome to the Circle.


The Circle 
The ‘The C Edition’ was found in June 2017 by Christina Katsaouni. Christina holds a great experience as a fashion writer and editor. She worked for years in some of the greatest fashion magazines and publishing houses in Athens and Paris. The name ‘The C Edition’ reminds a magazine title as Christina wanted to bring into her new project her editorial background. The letter “C”  of the “The C Edition” comes from the word “Circle” as women are a circle. Christina says:  ” If all women realised how similar we are and accepted the uniqueness that each of us holds in this common denominator, all we would do would be to support and encourage each other and each of our choices. The C Edition wants to showcase exactly that: That we form a circle and no matter which road each of us has chosen, no matter our life choices, whatever our dreams, whether already realised or in the process of evolving to achieve them, we are here to support women and celebrate with them”. Read the full editorial here  
All the bodysuits are designed by Christina Katsaouni and are handmade by a very small team in Athens, Greece. The bodies are named and inspired by the women who support the idea and that have given, each in her own way, the energy to jump start the project.
Welcome to the Circle.
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