The Fall-Winter 2020-21 collection, Chorus, has a strong 80s character.

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The 8th collection of The C Edition asks you to live in the present, to applaud the
woman that you are today, not the one that you were 10 years ago who acted
according to what she knew back then, nor the one you were last year or 3 years ago,
but the one you are today. To give a hug to the little girl that you once were and to
embrace the mistakes that she may have made, so that you can liberate the woman
that you are today. Only then will you blossom!

It asks you to recognize your uniqueness, because only then will you absolve yourself
of unnecessary comparisons and competitions; when the fact that there’s no other
woman like you out there becomes your life conviction. It asks you to allow yourself
to live life like you’ve dreamt it, freely, like when you let yourself go and dance in the
rhythm of your favorite song, your favorite Chorus.

The Fall-Winter 2020-21 collection, Chorus, has a strong 80s character; classic,
timeless black cotton bodysuits with intense cut-outs either on the chest or on the
back. Black viscose that sometimes is enough to clothe you and other times it meets
up with black laces, retrieving from our subconscious scenes from the TV series
“Dynasty”. Velvet floral that gives a vintage dimension to the winter collection, black
velvet that covers the female body like a glove, rib that can be worn at all hours of the
day, but also impressive metallic shades that come to clothe you either through blue
polka dot prints, colorful sequins or through fringes and black transparencies.

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