(Ελ) Η νέα συλλογή για τη σεζόν Φθινόπωρο-Χειμώνας 2021/22 έχει το όνομα Corpus – σώμα στα λατινικά – και η επιλογή του ονόματος δεν έγινε τυχαία.

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The Fall-Winter 2021/22 collection is called Corpus, which means body in Latin, and its name is not a coincidence.

The C Edition’s constant is black cotton, and it’s the protagonist of this year’s collection. Aside from the 18 brand-new bodysuits, it now also creates total looks, aiming to highlight the feminine silhouette like no other clothes. Two skirts and two leggings sewn by a woman for women, it aims at hugging, sculpting and maybe even hiding any potential imperfections. High-waisted skirts that fit like a glove, one of which dresses our nights with black tulle, and two leggings that bring us back to the 90s. Bodysuits with intense shoulders, geometrical cut-outs, three rib-knit bodysuits in earth tones for every-day use, black and white turtleneck that we should all have, but we also bring to you for the first time snake skin and velvet, gold and lace, that will all give us the glow that we desire. Easy-to-wear and practical, without taking away from the style,the excellent quality and aesthetics, the 18 new bodysuits of The C Edition make the Corpus the most to-the-point collection of this year.