In a socially critical era that has reminded us of our mortality through its difficulties, “The C Edition’s” seventh collection is released with the name “Cosmos”. This way, we are honoring our human nature, which, if you deprive it of geographical borders, religious and political beliefs, the similarities noticed through our primary needs ground us, unite us and sensitize us to such an extent, that make us realize that maybe our world needed that restart.

“The C Edition”, having as its primary conviction the unity but also the feeling of warmth and coziness that is created when you know that you belong somewhere, as if it were another family it reminds us that we are a Circle, and this time a slightly bigger one since the whole “Cosmos” fits inside it.

* The “Cosmos” collection consists of 18 new bodysuits with the classic – the brand’s trademark by now – black, cotton fabric starring in it. Pieces with intense, geometric lines, with cut-outs that highlight the shoulders, belly and back but also transparencies that “play” through light frills and impressive patterns, all the bodies of the S/S 2020 collection flirt with the concept of timelessness and eternal elegance. The “Cosmos” collection claims a place in your wardrobe and we believe that it already belongs to the most favorite and special creations of “The C Edition”.

Welcome to the Circle

Christina Katsaouni @katschristina  

For the “Cosmos” campaign we casted 17 amazing women from all around the world to represent The C Edition.  The letter C represents the word Circle, exemplifying our belief that women are interconnected in unity.
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Producer: @bl8k.creative| Photo Editor: @light.emma| Video Editor: @rileyrobbinsfilms