The Fall-Winter 2021/22 collection is called Corpus, which means body in Latin, and its name is not a coincidence.

The C Edition’s constant is black cotton, and it’s the protagonist of this year’s collection. Aside from the 18 brand-new bodysuits, it now also creates total looks, aiming to highlight the feminine silhouette like no other clothes. Two skirts and two leggings sewn by a woman for women, it aims at hugging, sculpting and maybe even hiding any potential imperfections. High-waisted skirts that fit like a glove, one of which dresses our nights with black tulle, and two leggings that bring us back to the 90s. Bodysuits with intense shoulders, geometrical cut-outs, three rib-knit bodysuits in earth tones for every-day use, black and white turtleneck that we should all have, but we also bring to you for the first time snake skin and velvet, gold and lace, that will all give us the glow that we desire. Easy-to-wear and practical, without taking away from the style,the excellent quality and aesthetics, the 18 new bodysuits of The C Edition make the Corpus the most to-the-point collection of this year.

Which Chameleon bodies are the… Evas of the Zodiac

MONICA for the Aries, the sexy Amazon 

The “MONICA” bodysuit, the crimson top with the deep, elegantly provocative neckline is for a dynamic, bold, spontaneous, enthusiastic, and sexy woman. A woman who wants to and can stimulate the interest. The routine makes her react as if in combat, while she claims independence in a romantic and loving relationship.

The Monica bodysuit 

SYLVIE for the Taurus woman, the aphrodisiac female

Sylvie’s meadow green adds a breath of freshness to this sweet, indolent, and erotic woman, who, in addition, has a square mind, while emitting a calm power. Tender, giving, emotionally stable, but also erotically mischievous.

The Sylvie bodysuit 

MARIE for the Gemini, the butterfly of the Zodiac 

Young and airy – the best for a woman who surprises pleasantly with her presence like a butterfly: restless, full of life and panache. She flirts gracefully, she seduces, but she doesn’t get lost in love, while she hardly coexists in relationships or routine jobs – she’s the one that loves freedom and change. In addition, with her bright mind, her flexibility, and her humor she is considered the most communicative of the Zodiac.

The Marie bodysuit 

MARILENA for Cancer – the most tender hug

The soft café au lait tones suit the feminine Cancer, the most affectionate of the Zodiac. But beneath her sensitive nature, she’s hiding a creature with intense emotions and sensual eroticism, who loves deeply and falls in love completely. “Closed” at first, she opens up when she feels intimate; while she fights vigorously to protect those she loves.

The Marilena bodysuit 


LILIA for the glamorous, enthusiastic, dynamic Lioness

The intense colors express joy, vitality, while the strapless suits the young heart of a woman with an exuberant personality. The fiery temperament, the rich emotions, the enthusiasm, the romance, the power that she exudes, make her adorable, lovable, impressive. And she achieves that with complacency and success.

The Lilia bodysuit 

DAPHNE for Virgo, with the great mind and fine taste

Gentle and realistic, her computer mind makes her stand out – it’s flexible and efficient – which rationalizes feelings and needs, thus converting her “wants” into “musts”. She likes comfort, quality, and pastel colors. She chooses a closed neckline and neutral beige to wear it from morning to night.

The Daphne bodysuit 

ILEANA for Libra, with the sophisticated style

The Libra woman chooses the Ileana body, for its delicate and original style, which will highlight her aphrodisiac aura and her elegant taste. With an innate kindness, a sweet smile and with her unique sociability, she wants and knows how to be liked, with her charm and fine coquetry.

The Ileana bodysuit 

KELLY for the erotic … Scorpio

A strong woman, but also a vulnerable one, with intense sentiment and deep eroticism. She loves passionately and with stubbornness, and while she is possessive and absolute, she could succumb to temptations when eroticism fades. And with this ambivalence she chooses Kelly, who deceives with its “conservative” cut on the front and the deep, provocative opening of the whole back.

The Kelly bodysuit 

XENIA for the optimistic, independent, traveling Sagittarius

She owes her energy to her fiery temperament, as well as her courage and her joy for life and love, while she is always ready for new experiences. Independent, sporty, a traveler at heart and an adventurer, she chooses Xenia with the fiery orange, the exotic design, the revealing wraparound on the front, the open back and the young neck tying.

The Xenia bodysuit 

LYDIA for the ambitious Capricorn

Ambitious, realistic, methodical, she seeks prestige and recognition, and gets those by working hard and methodically. In this way, however, she suppresses emotions and desires, under all the “musts”. But this self-restraint break every now and then, beneath her earthly sensual nature. And then she chooses Lydia, with the black color and with the thin straps that tie around the neck, which can be untied whenever her heart desires.

The Lydia bodysuit 

IVA for the Aquarius with the charm that electrifies

She charms with her witty presence, her friendliness, her tact, her romance, and with her brilliant mind, her flowing humor, her original ideas, her independence, and her cool attitude. She electrifies people’s interest without trying! So, Iva as well, without provoking, “draws” people’s attention, with its intense turquoise color and the bold tie around her neck.

The Iva bodysuit 

SORAYA, for the dreamy Pisces

Affectionate, very emotional, and sensitive, but not fragile, since she flexibly resorts to her dream world when things get rough and tense! She radiates a sweet and sensual charm, which is emphasized by the exaltation of Aphrodite in her water sign and becomes lovable with her empathy and generosity. What better, then, than Soraya, with its soft salmon color and the airy, feather-like frills that adorn one shoulder.


Astrology by Marina Stefanidou

Translation: Ester Pelosof

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The 8th collection of The C Edition asks you to live in the present, to applaud the
woman that you are today, not the one that you were 10 years ago who acted
according to what she knew back then, nor the one you were last year or 3 years ago,
but the one you are today. To give a hug to the little girl that you once were and to
embrace the mistakes that she may have made, so that you can liberate the woman
that you are today. Only then will you blossom!

It asks you to recognize your uniqueness, because only then will you absolve yourself
of unnecessary comparisons and competitions; when the fact that there’s no other
woman like you out there becomes your life conviction. It asks you to allow yourself
to live life like you’ve dreamt it, freely, like when you let yourself go and dance in the
rhythm of your favorite song, your favorite Chorus.

The Fall-Winter 2020-21 collection, Chorus, has a strong 80s character; classic,
timeless black cotton bodysuits with intense cut-outs either on the chest or on the
back. Black viscose that sometimes is enough to clothe you and other times it meets
up with black laces, retrieving from our subconscious scenes from the TV series
“Dynasty”. Velvet floral that gives a vintage dimension to the winter collection, black
velvet that covers the female body like a glove, rib that can be worn at all hours of the
day, but also impressive metallic shades that come to clothe you either through blue
polka dot prints, colorful sequins or through fringes and black transparencies.

Welcome to the Circle!


In a socially critical era that has reminded us of our mortality through its difficulties, “The C Edition’s” seventh collection is released with the name “Cosmos”. This way, we are honoring our human nature, which, if you deprive it of geographical borders, religious and political beliefs, the similarities noticed through our primary needs ground us, unite us and sensitize us to such an extent, that make us realize that maybe our world needed that restart.

“The C Edition”, having as its primary conviction the unity but also the feeling of warmth and coziness that is created when you know that you belong somewhere, as if it were another family it reminds us that we are a Circle, and this time a slightly bigger one since the whole “Cosmos” fits inside it.

* The “Cosmos” collection consists of 18 new bodysuits with the classic – the brand’s trademark by now – black, cotton fabric starring in it. Pieces with intense, geometric lines, with cut-outs that highlight the shoulders, belly and back but also transparencies that “play” through light frills and impressive patterns, all the bodies of the S/S 2020 collection flirt with the concept of timelessness and eternal elegance. The “Cosmos” collection claims a place in your wardrobe and we believe that it already belongs to the most favorite and special creations of “The C Edition”.

Welcome to the Circle

Christina Katsaouni @katschristina  

For the “Cosmos” campaign we casted 17 amazing women from all around the world to represent The C Edition.  The letter C represents the word Circle, exemplifying our belief that women are interconnected in unity.
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Producer: @bl8k.creative| Photo Editor: @light.emma| Video Editor: @rileyrobbinsfilms

Meet the Designer

The ‘The C Edition’ was found in June 2017 by Christina Katsaouni. Christina holds a great experience as a fashion writer and editor. She worked for years in some of the greatest fashion magazines and publishing houses in Athens and Paris. The name ‘The C Edition’ reminds a magazine title as Christina wanted to bring into her new project her editorial background. The letter “C”  of the “The C Edition” comes from the word “Circle” as women are a circle. Christina says:  ” If all women realised how similar we are and accepted the uniqueness that each of us holds in this common denominator, all we would do would be to support and encourage each other and each of our choices. The C Edition wants to showcase exactly that: That we form a circle and no matter which road each of us has chosen, no matter our life choices, whatever our dreams, whether already realised or in the process of evolving to achieve them, we are here to support women and celebrate with them”.


Christina in “Eliza” bodysuit from SS20 “California” collection


“Years ago someone asked me if fashion was my life and I plainly responded “No”. My life is life as a whole and all that it encompasses. Life is a puzzle with many equally important pieces, sometimes inanimate and sometimes living, and these make it up and make it unique. A piece of the puzzle is our job, whether related or not to fashion, another is how one wants to spend the free time, a piece is our partner, another one is our family and one is our friends. All pieces must be in equilibrium so that if one goes missing, we can continue our lives. I often hear that friends are the family we have chosen, but what does family really mean? I will simply say that family means love and acceptance. And yes, friends are the family we have chosen and we have created and built with love, devotion and all those moments that we have shared. Friend is the one who will share his second thoughts for the choices you made, to protect, to encourage, to support you. And if you won’t not listen, he will still be there with selflessness, for he is not there to judge but to hold your hand. And that has no gender. Having male friends I must admit that sharing experiences with them is great and I wouldn’t dare to underestimate this relationship, but the uniqueness of the female friendship is undeniable. A woman knows the nature of another woman, she better understands her reactions, the way she thinks, her desires, phobias, dreams, simply because she is a woman herself. There is nothing more important than being a woman and seeing in the eyes of other women the acceptance, support, recognition, admiration, understanding and love. If all women realized how similar we are and accepted the uniqueness that each of us holds in this common denominator, all we would do would be to support and encourage each other and each or our choices. The C Edition wants to showcase exactly that: That we form a circle and no matter which road each of us has chosen, no matter our life choices, whatever our dreams, whether already realized or in the process of evolving to achieve them, we are here to support women and celebrate with them”.

I thank the women who exist in my life and give me the opportunity to reflect through them.

Welcome to the Circle

Christina Katsaouni

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